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Best Flobo Floppy Bad Sector Repair 1.5


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Best Flobo Floppy Bad Sector Repair
Flobo Floppy Bad Sector Repair This is a Free Floppy disk repair tool. The program eliminates bad sectors of Floppy disk surface. It does not hide bad sectors in the file system, as Scandisk like utilities,it really restores them. Most damaged disk have incorrectly magnetized disk surface. There are also bad sectors that cannot be recovered because the magnetic surface is scratched. This utility prove the reliability of Flobo HDD Bad Sector Repair.This is a freeware!
Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Best Flobo Floppy Bad Sector Repair
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Author: Flobo Recovery
License: Shareware
File Size: 597.7 KB
Downloads: 1745

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